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Great question. As the real estate values continue to decline, more people are upgrading their current homes rather than buying another home. It’s common knowledge in the contractors’ media outlets that rate of investment on other projects such a new kitchen or bathrooms only are getting ROI respectively, from 67 cents down to 47 cents per dollar spent on those upgrades. Whereas given the uncertain energy situation, you can have a 2-5 year rate of return, less maintenance on HVAC equipment, plus hedging the future cost of energy bills. These savings can account up to thousands in a relatively short time.

We will be assigning you one of our qualified sales representatives to visit your project and provide you the estimate.

  • Bathroom Remodel
  • Kitchen Remodel
  • Home Remodel
  • Investment Remodel
  • Swimming Pool Installations and Remodel
  • Exterior Remodel
  • Commercial Remodel

You will get assigned a sales consultant, and a project manager for your remodel project. You will be able to get in contact with both of them for any question you might have. Also, you can always contact our office number and our team will be for you.


The best source of information will be people who have used the builder for their own pool. We will provide you with a list of referrals, and then you should call the customers on the list and ask about their experience. Visit pools built by Avatar Contractor to get a firsthand feel for the quality of our work. Not all builders are the same. Many cut corners on stone work so they can move on to the next pool. Look at examples of our work and work by other companies. You may also wish to check with the Better Business Bureau to see if there are any unresolved complaints against the builder.


We are partner and certifications with the following:

  • American Business Association
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB) A+ rated
  • Minority Business Certified (MBE)
  • WorkGig
  • Angies List
  • Five Star Rated
  • Verified Customer Service

We work in the metro Atlanta area. Within 20 and 25 miles from our location.

This is in the top five complaints from home owners in Georgia! It can be tricky. Our auditors can properly diagnose the issues at your location. Due to the fact 5 out of 6 walls, floors, and ceilings are exposed to outside temperatures you need to have higher than the states builders’ code requirements (requirements for what? Insulation? Siding?). For example, you should have insulated garage doors and fully insulated dormer closets.

It depends on whether you had them upgrade the insulation package. Builders only use the Builder’s code when insulating unless otherwise noted on contract. The Georgia builder’s code only calls for levels of r-19 in walls, R-30 in attics. Please check with your local codes. Hint: only the extreme North Georgia requires R-38!


We will request a payment on a weekly basis detailing the completed task on the project; if you have any the question once you receive the invoice, please let us know as some as you receive because our scope of work and plan is also tide to the on-time payment completed by the customer. Think of the project process as a vehicle and the draw request as fuel; our work is scheduled to be funded and completed synchronizing performance and payment. Please feel free to make as a necessary question as possible about our process because is in our best interest to complete your project as efficiently and fast as possible. Final payment will be also required at the completion of the project.


The U.S. Department of Energy recommends every 7—10 years using mineral insulation such as cellulose, fiberglass, etc. There are several reasons: -The first reason is that the R-values will diminish when the insulation settles down, kind of like a sponge. You see, the tiny holes in insulation are what traps the heat or the cold. Once those holes are full they cannot absorb any convection heat, as when a sponge cannot hold any more water. – The other reasons range from traffic, dust, moisture, and workman such as cable or phone installers who have moved through and stepped on the insulation in your attic, crawl spaces, or basement, thereby packing it down and reducing its ability to insulate effectively.


It depends. If it was added on top of the mineral insulation, then never, as it is a one-time application. Ideally, you want to start with at least r-30 mineral insulation before applying the Global Energy Shield.


In the winter, up to 68% of heat loss occurs because of heat escaping through the attic. In the summer, up to 83% of the house’s cooling can be lost through the attic as well


Usually we hold prices for 30 days.

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Welcome to Avatar Contractor

We strive for excellence in everything we do.

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