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multifamily remodeling

At Avatar Contractor, We know what makes a multifamily remodeling a successful project. As a design-remodeling contractor, we work hand-in-hand with architects, engineers, and interior designers to ensure that costly details are eliminated and that every dollar goes towards improving the project for the highest return on investment. Our knowledge of material costs, accessibility requirements, tenant-desired amenities, market expectations, and industry innovations allows us to design and build a better product to ensure accelerated absorption rates and improved financial performance.

Our team of qualified construction experts can oversee your multifamily remodeling project from start to finish to ensure that your best interests are being served. We manage crews and subcontractors, provide on-site quality inspections, review and process pay applications, track schedule progress, and provide punch list and completion reports.

In addition to our expertise as a general contractor and remodeling management firm, Avatar Contractor team has the opportunity to work in multiple successful multifamily housing communities and mixed-use projects. Our remodeling experience, which includes total or partial remodeling gives us a keen understanding of our clients’ needs and challenges throughout the multifamily remodeling process. We are able to offer our assistance with the complete commercial remodeling process, partial remodeling or overseas and manage the process for you, call us today for more details.

Our team will take full responsibility for this project and will keep your multifamily complex in good condition, so all owners will feel comfortable from the first moment they enter their residence, in addition, the new owners/tenant, seeing that their community is so well cared for, they can be sure that their properties or future house is in great hands.

Within a residence, there are always many details to take care of, many areas to cover and plenty of work to be done. Our company can do any job they require, remodeling, repairs, maintenance, and much more, and we do it with all the professionalism and care needed to ensure the best results.

You won't regret the results, your multifamily property will always look impeccable and that sense of home will always be present in every area of your residence.

Whether you are ready to remodel your multifamily property or you are seeking a second opinion on multifamily renovation, we can help. In addition to multifamily remodeling in metro Atlanta we can also help you with others remodeling projects such as commercial kitchen, commercial bathroom, offices remodeling. Avatar Contractor Group has been in business since 2004 doing complete renovation project resulting in total transformation of our customers home; with a solid portfolio and track record in the industry. (multifamily remodeling).

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